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  • Champagne tasting in Melbourne

    City Wine Shop,

    159-161 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC

    Phone: 03 9654 6657


    and for the blog a little story from the tasting


    I had lined up 11 bottles of champagne for the City Wine Shop tasting in Melbourne.

    Gabrielle Poy –the sommelier and the wine writer Ralph Kyte-Powell , Adam (one of the owners) and a  few others

    (forgot their names unfortunately )

    So we planned to have only one hour of tasting but it was almost impossible to

    taste all of that so fast . So it took us 3 hours of pure joy and celebration .

    It was such a lovely afternoon with very active discussion and plenty of fun and laughs.

    I was so hungry and more then just tipsy after that .

    The champagnes that we tasted are


    Pascal Doquet NV

    Jean Pierre fleury NV

    Jose Ardinat 2004

    Francoise Bedel 2002

    Franck Pascal 2002

    Andre Beaufort 2007

    Cristophe Lefevre NV

    Charles Dofour 2006

    Emmanuel Brochet 2006

    Emmanuel Brochet NV


    More to come soon …

  • Champagne Trip

    The 4 beautiful events in Champagne. Anyone interested in real terroir champagnes should visit.
    Great feeling of just being happy and sharing the time with people that have so much desire to make honest and authentic wine.
    At the same time respecting the environment – many of them practice organic viticulture.
    The trip was extremely exciting.
    I arrived in Paris on Saturday afternoon and went straight from the airport to the Gare du Nord and paid someone 5 Euros to walk with me and show me where Gare de l’Este is. I thought initially he has a cab and I realised soon we will walk there. I know now .
    Waiting to buy a train ticket in Paris can be a real patience exercise.
    So I took a train to Troyes to meet Ann Velut and .Charles Dofour –both brilliant winemakers – Anne from Montegueux village and Charles from Landreville –both villages are in the southern part of Champagne region called Cotes de Bar or sometimes referred to as the Aube.
    Unfortunately train was late and I only saw Charles Dofour.
    We went straight to Aux Crieurs de Vin – something like a wine shop and a bistro with a fantastic selection of natural and organic wines.
    The cuisine is Spanish and Mediterranean with lovely pata negra and cured meats.
    I was lucky to meet Bertrand Gautherot from Vouette et Sorbee champagne and had a nice chat about natural wine making while drinking some beautiful rose champagne .
    It was Saturday evening so there were quite a few people there and later I joined Charles and we drank another bottle from a different winemaker Thierry deMarne
    Stunning champagne ! What an evening!

    Next morning back to Paris and went to Epernay for Terroirs & Talents du Champagne tasting.
    5 minutes from Epernay station in an old hotel was this extraordinary event being held.
    I was given a glass and off we go.
    It was like the best party ever- champagne is everywhere , chatting and plenty of laughter.
    You are supposed to taste still wine (vin clair ) before it turns into champagne.
    3 still wines and 3 champagnes from each of the producers and there are 14 of them.

    And I did that in the beginning. But after a while it become too much. So I have just drank the “the phase two’’ of the champagne.
    I really took my job seriously . Going from one table to another at the beginning slowly become disoriented process.
    What I found really fascinating was tasting the soils – literally the earth where where different champagnes come from.
    And from there you can understand how some and why champagnes taste different.(one of the reasons)
    So after 5-6 hours “evaluating” the quality I took a break.(had to sit down)

    I do remember that I liked very much Philippe Gonet , Penet Chardonnet and Serge Mathieu champagnes.
    I was expecting much more from de Sousa house – but today a little bit disappointing.

    Next morning , Amaury Beaufort from Ambonnay came and picked me and my friend Sara from London
    for an early tasting. We had the owners of Henry George wines from UK as well.

    Amaury showed us the vineyard first – his vineyard is free of any plastic bits and rubbish that at some point came from Paris.
    But his neighbour has all of that and then we went back to all the ducks and chickens on the farm.
    Has tasting room was cold but soon become quite warm after Amaury started opening a bottle after a bottle.
    Unforgettable experience !
    On my insistence at the end of all this (about 20 bottles and 2 hours later ) he brought out a bottle of grape brandy- I had to taste that as well!
    At some point we went down the metal staircase of his massive cellar – a real smell of wine and wooden barrels and at the bottom floor in the semi dark room were his father Andre and his mother disgorging the bottles of champagne.
    What a beautiful scene !

    So that had to end at some point and we went to Ay for a final tasting. We were really hungry and having got our glasses we saw this big table full of chesses , salamis , french breads , cured meats … What a fantastic sight!
    Well , after a long lunch I was ready to start the whole thing again.
    This was a grand finale!
    Francoise Bedel , Franck Pascal ,Pascal Doquet …
    Unfortunately I was not able to seriously scrutinise all the champagnes (my brain neurones at this stage were largely malfunctioning ) so I decided to come back again next year. I had a “ clear vision’’ what to do.

    I really could not do another day of tasting that was booked for next day in Reims..

    Champagne Vignerons
    Terroirs & Talents de Champagne

    Sunday 15 April 2012, Epernay

    Champagne Aspasie (Brouillet)
    Champagne Coessens (Fouchères)
    Champagne de Sousa (Avize)
    Champagne Fallet-Dart (Drachy)
    Champagne Philippe Gonet (le-Mesnil-sur-Oger)
    Champagne Jacques Copinet (Montgenost)
    Champagne Janisson Baradon et Fils (epernay)
    Champagne Maurice Vesselle (Bouzy)
    Champagne Maxime Blin (Trigny)
    Champagne Michel Loriot (Festigny)
    Champagne Penet Chardonnet (Verzy)
    Champagne Sélèque (Pierry)
    Champagne Serge Mathieu (avirey Lingey)
    Champagne Vazart Coquart (Chouilly)

    Terres et vins de champagne

    Location: Hotel Castel Jeanson, 24 rue Jeanson 51160 Ay
    Monday 16 th of april

    Champagne and Son Agrapart (Avize)
    - Champagne Françoise Bedel (Crouttes sur Marne)
    - Champagne and Son Bereche (Ludes)
    - Francis Boulard Champagne and Girl (Cauroy lès Hermonville)
    - Champagne-Chartogne Taillet (Merfy)
    - Champagne Vincent layer (Buxeuil)
    - Champagne Doquet (Virtues)
    - Champagne Geoffroy (Ay)
    - Champagne Goutorbe (Ay)
    - Champagne Olivier Horiot (The Riceys)
    - Champagne Jeaunaux (Slope St. Price)
    - Benoit Lahaye Champagne (Bouzy)
    - Champagne Laherte Brothers (Chavot-Courcourt)
    - David Champagne Léclapart (Trépail)
    - Champagne Franck Pascal (Baslieux Under Chatillon)
    - Champagne Hubert Paulet (Rilly La Montagne)
    - Pouillon et Fils Champagne (Mareuil sur Ay)
    - Champagne Tarlant (Oeuilly)

    Les artisans du champagne
    Tuesday 17 th of April –Reims

    Nicolas Maillart
    Marc Hebrart
    Gilles Lancelot
    François Huré
    Antoine Paillard
    Jérôme Dehours
    Christophe Constant
    Nicolas Jaeger
    Laurent Champs
    Frédéric Savart
    Arnaud Margaine
    Julie et Xavier Gonet Medeville
    Pascal Gerbais
    Yannick Doyard

    And another new, less publicized event (unfortunately scheduled the same day as Terres et Vins) assembled by a small super star group called Trait d’Union. The small group is: Egly Ouriet, Jérôme Prévost’s Domaine La Closerie, Larmandier-Bernier, Jacquesson, Roger Coulon, and Jacques Selosse.

  • Il N'est Champagne Que De La Champagne

    IL N’EST CHAMPAGNE QUE DE LA CHAMPAGNE – there is only one Champagne and it comes from Champagne!
    ORGANIC EXPO  in Sydney and Melbourne (5-7 August and 16-17 October
    more info at SEE YOU THERE

  • Champagne Classes

    National Champagne class will be using some of our champagnes
    The Champagne Information Centre is pleased to be organising a special Champagne national master class program
    Find out what makes a Champagne wine unique; educate your nose and palate.
    Immerse yourself in a universe of bubbles and become a discerning connoisseur on all things Champagne.
    Classes are in Perth, Adelaide ,Melbourne ,Sydney and Brisbane
    All classes are $50 per person incl. GST.
    Bookings can be made via phone             (02) 9555 8891       or e-mail

  • Noosa Food and Wine Festival

    Bernadette O’Shea held a champagne class using Champagne Fleury
    more info about Bernadette